Foreword from H.E. Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansoori, the Minister of Economy


H.E Eng . Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansoori , The Minister Of Economy _500pxWI am delighted to welcome you to this guide to ‘Doing Business in the UAE,’ which provides essential information, guidance and support for UK companies considering entering the UAE market.

The UAE – the UK’s largest export market in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) – enjoys a strategic position that allows it to present unlimited opportunities across a wide range of sectors. The country’s wise leadership launched the UAE National Innovation Strategy at the end of 2014, aiming to make the UAE the most innovative nation in the world by 2021. In fact, as this guide will indicate, the UAE is now a hotbed of innovation brimming with new ideas.

The World Economic Forum judged the UAE first in the world for the quality of its roads, low inflation and the absence of organised crime. Furthermore, it receives favourable scores for its stable macro-economic environment, its overall infrastructure, the effectiveness of its government institutions and its ease of access to finance.

Today, the UAE is the de-facto financial centre between Singapore and London, and the host to the world’s largest man-made port and some of the world’s busiest airports. It also serves as the home to the world’s first free zone dedicated to biotechnology and research and has the world’s first capital connected with a fibre network.

Our unrivalled infrastructure, accommodating internationally-benchmarked laws and regulations, cutting-edge technological environment, the openness embedded in our culture and the amazing lifestyle that you and your family can enjoy, and above all, our determination to aim higher, continue to make the UAE the location of choice for the most renowned multinational companies, international investors and well-qualified professionals.

'Being amongst the best nations in the world’ is a promise that was made by our leaders – not only to the citizens of the UAE – but to the investors, businessmen, employees and families who choose to work and live here. After 46 years of hard and diligent work since the creation of the UAE, I stand proud of our achievements. I am also proud and confident of the unique and well-structured value proposition that we today present to the international business community.

It is my hope that this guide encourages you to explore and challenge the wealth of opportunities that await you and your organisation in the UAE. It is to share this ambition and to take part in this success story that I invite you all.


H.E. Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansoori, the Minister of Economy
United Arab Emirates


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