About Hatch

Whatever our clients envision, our engineers can design and build. With over six decades of business and technical experience in the mining, energy, and infrastructure sectors, we know your business and understand that your challenges are changing rapidly.  We respond quickly with solutions that are smarter, more efficient and innovative. We draw upon our 9,000 staff with experience in over 150 countries to challenge the status quo and create positive change for our clients, our employees, and the communities we serve.

Hatch Manifesto

Our Vision

We are passionately committed to the pursuit of a better world through positive change.

Our Mission

Together we create unprecedented outcomes for our clients by partnering with them to develop better ideas. Our exceptional, diverse teams combine vast engineering and business knowledge, applying them to the world’s toughest challenges. We build practical solutions that are safe, innovative, and sustainable.

Our Values

We believe in exceptional ideas delivered with exceptional service.

Exceptional ideas come from: Exceptional service comes from:
  • Doing our homework

  • Innovating in all that we do

  • Engaging great people who make a 

  • Acting like owners

  • Encouraging a flat, connected organisation

  • Achieving no harm

  • Nurturing long-term relationships

  • Thinking globally, acting locally

  • Ensuring cost effective, efficient delivery

  • Living our commitments with integrity

  • Being unconditionally honest

Our Personality

We are entrepreneurs with a technical soul.

The Hatch Advantage

  • Work safely

  • Work in teams

  • Fight for lower costs and better quality

  • Plan carefully for fast start ups

  • Design and build for smooth 
    reliable performance

Hatch is responding to the changing needs of its clients and acting to help businesses adapt to unstable markets and a rapidly changing world.  

Dynamic market conditions have created new challenges for Hatch clients and have transformed the way we operate.  Hatch has strengthened our services and grown our capabilities to deliver an unparalleled level of service that is helping clients overcome these challenges and emerge stronger, more efficient and with improved stakeholder value at a lower risk and cost.  Building on a proud tradition of innovation, we are committed to partnering with clients to develop new ideas and solutions to improve business performance and create new opportunities for growth.

Our Sectors

We serve our clients in five major sectors, namely Metals, Infrastructure, Energy, Digital and Investments.

Below is a breakdown of some of the services offered by each:


Bringing the world’s resources to market.

Our three Metals business units are supported by several business practices within each of the units.

Base Metals
Nickel, Gold, Uranium, Ferroalloys, Lithium and Rare Earths

Bulk Metals
Aluminium, Steel making, Magnesium, Iron & Steel, Alumina

Precious Gems and Metals, Titanium Dioxide, Coal, Diamonds, Copper, Iron Ore, Phosphates, Potash


Building to meet market challenges.

Three Infrastructure business units are supported by specialised business practices covering all aspects of infrastructure to support our clients needs and vision.

Business units: Transportation and Logistics, Urban Solutions and Water         
Business practices:
  • Highways & Bridges

  • Tunneling

  • Water Solutions

  • Ports and Marine

  • Rail & Transit

  • Aviation

  • Planning & Advisory


Powering the world with fresh ideas.

The Power and Oil & Gas business units are supported by the following specialised Business practices:
  • eGrid

  • Nuclear Power

  • Thermal Power

  • Water Power

  • Oil

  • LNG

  • XTL

Hatch Digital

Hatch’s Digital value proposition:

  • Leverage our expertise in our client’s end-to-end business operations

  • Converge data gathered throughout the lifecycle of the client’s asset

  • Create a single, digital version of the ‘truth’ – The “Digital Asset”

  • Use advanced execution technologies, data analytics and machine learning to enable higher levels of decision-making and action

  • Create a digital engine to transform operations and drive higher levels of productivity in our client’s assets.

Below are some of the ways Hatch digital supports our clients in the various sectors:


  • The “Digital Asset” (BIM)

  • Construction Remote Operations Centres

  • Virtual worker onboarding

  • Digital supply chain & smart warehousing

  • Commissioning acceleration through digital technology

  • Digital permitting & LOTO Processes


Mining Operations

  • The “Digital Twin” for operational decision-making

  • Integrated Remote Operations Centres (IROC)

  • Workforce management & tracking

  • Digital asset management, predictive maintenance

  • Autonomous inspections & operations

  • Utilities on demand

  • Digital Supply Chain

Processing Operations

  • The “Digital Twin” for operational decision-making

  • Digital asset management, predictive maintenance

  • Remote monitoring & optimisation

  • Advanced process control

  • Autonomous inspections & operations

  • Digital supply chain & smart warehousing




  • Integrated Operations Centres enabled by The "Digital Twin”

  • Remote monitoring solutions

  • Maintenance outage planning & optimisation

  • Asset management & predictive maintenance solutions

  • “As built capture”

Transmission and Distribution

  • Integrated Operations Centres enabled by The "Digital Twin”

  • Smart Grid monitoring & control

  • Automated leak detection

  • Asset management & predictive maintenance

  • Automated power line inspection (defects, sag, snow, foliage)


  • Wind & solar farm asset management &
    predictive maintenance solutions

  • Mobile fleet asset management

  • Automated Inspections (incl. drones)

  • Smart energy storage systems



  • Traffic analytics - optimised traffic flow

  • Connected vehicle solutions

  • Parking apps

  • Automated port solutions

  • Demand driven transit routes / schedules

  • Rail optimisation solutions


  • Integrated Operations Centres

  • Predictive maintenance for water / waste
    water systems

  • Automated water leak detection

  • Automated infrastructure inspections & NDE

  • Smart grid / metering solutions

  • Flood warning solutions


  • Smart lighting

  • Snow detection

  • Fleet management / predictive maintenance

  • Optimised waste management

  • Smart Hubs

  • “Connected Citizens”



Investments with benefits.

  • Advisory and technology / new technology

  • Major project implementation / build, own, operate, projects

  • Operational performance / Operating businesses

All business units and practices are supported by Hatch’s Professional Services.

Project delivery Consulting
  • Engineering

  • Project management

  • Procurement

  • Construction management

  • Design - Build

  • Public - Private partnerships

  • Management consulting

  • Technologies

  • Environmental Services

  • Systems and Process Control



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