Start-up Recruitment and Manpower Planning in the UAE 

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Visa and Payroll solutions with Medical insurance

UAE on-boarding and orientation 

There is little doubt that the UAE provides both new and established companies with significant commercial opportunities in a congenial, flexible and safe country. But finding the right staff, securing their services and employing them in a legal and compliant manner can be quite a challenge for the uninitiated.

Over the last 25 years the UAE has successfully embarked on the most ambitious of ‘genesis’ projects as it diversifies away from its hydrocarbon economy.

Uniquely in the region the leadership has complimented its business diversity by committing to significant infrastructure programs. This means that the UAE is leading the region in terms of roads, infrastructure, schools, housing, tourism, entertainment, restaurants and retail. In fact everything a nation needs to attract and accommodate new enterprises and their staff. The UAE is also pioneering in its use of digital and disruptive technologies as it develops it ‘smart nation’ strategies.

But with the unprecedented growth of the UAE there is constant change, transformation and a continual evolution of systems, processes, laws and legislation. The whole of the UAE is like a fast moving start-up. Things change very quickly and companies need to be very agile in order to adapt and thrive. This is particularly evident around recruitment, employment laws, and the successful assimilation of new staff into the multicultural working environment. Finding the right staff who will thrive in the UAE and securing their services in an efficient and compliant manner is critical to the success of any enterprise. Failure to do so can be extremely costly and waste considerable time and resource.

RP International

RP International has been a trusted recruitment partner to new and established organizations in the UAE for almost 2 decades and established its dedicated regional offices in Dubai in 2001.

The services we offer are;

  1. Executive search for local, regional and international senior management and CxO.

  2. Middle Management and Subject Matter Expert recruitment.

  3. Interim experts and management for projects and flexible resource.

  4. Outsourced Visa and Payroll solutions for clients own staff.

  5. On-boarding and orientation in the UAE

Originally RP followed the deregulating Telecoms and Finance markets into the Middle East recruiting Change, Transformation, Strategy, Management and Technology experts.

Our recruitment assignments started with finding ex-pat industry and subject matter experts, CxO and senior management. These days as the national and regional expertise has developed much of our work is finding  local experts as well as ex-pats with deep regional experience.

In recent years all sectors like Banking, Healthcare, Energy, Oil and Gas, Telecoms, Media, IT and Government have started to embrace disruptive , digital and IOT platforms with which to sell and deliver their products and services. The race is on in the Middle East to see who can be the best at customer experience, customer acquisition, up-selling to existing customers and maximizing customer retention. With little legacy technology infrastructure the UAE is developing new digital solutions and strategies for business faster than most.

Hiring critical staff who can harness and augment these new technological and on-line strategies has been key to the success of all organizations in the UAE. As such RP has been instrumental in hiring the leadership and experts across IT, Networks, HR, Marketing, Strategy, Finance and Security.


Our clients in the region have included worldwide brands like Emirates Airline, British Telecom, AXA Insurance, HP, IBM, Accenture, Vodafone, Virgin, HSBC and American Express. RP has also recruited leadership and subject matter experts for the leading local organizations across banking, government, security, transport and logistics, healthcare, telecoms and media.

Recruitment Projects

Our recruitment capacity is flexible and extremely specialist. Clients have retained our services to hire CxOs of multi-billion dollar regional corporations. Equally RP was engaged on an 18 month program to work as the in-house recruitment team to hire 375 local and ex-pat experts for the launch of a new telecoms operator.

The UAE and the Middle East is unique in its charm and indeed its challenges. The working environments, management styles, talent pools and levels of experience are not as consistent as in more developed markets. RP adds considerable value by having an in-depth knowledge of the recruitment landscape. We are able to quickly discern between the regional candidates who have demonstrable track records and those whose careers have been lack lustre. We are also able to find vet ex-pat expertise to find those who would be most suited to life in the Middle East.

Our recruitment strategies begin by examining the local markets to find the right skills with regional and cultural experience. Only after this do we use our other global offices to expand our searched to a wider international catchment.

All candidates are thoroughly interviewed and referenced and we can work with clients to give advice on prevailing remuneration schemes, bonus and benefits.

Visa, work permit, residency and payroll compliance

In a region where ex-pats make up over 90% of the work force the UAE and the rest of the GCC place great emphasis on fair and transparent staff augmentation. Therefore the region has adopted strict regulations with regard to employment, insurance and welfare. This can be quite cumbersome and onerous for any company entering the region for the first time or ramping up existing manpower for projects. Uniquely RP is fully licensed to issue its own visas, residency and payroll solutions to help any companies who for various reasons do not want to or cannot employ and remunerate their own staff directly. RP can take care of all visa, residency, medical, payroll and welfare compliance. This service can include being the friendly and trusted local contact to help individuals and families assimilate into both social and work life as quickly as possible in total compliance with local regulations.

Hiring key individuals for any firm can be a costly and time consuming process. Hiring the wrong person or prematurely losing critical hires through mismanaged on-boarding can be even more detrimental. RP can deploy its 20 years of recruitment experience in the region to make sure that all hires have the best chance of succeeding and thriving in the region.

Our team

RP Dubai has a multicultural team comprising recruitment experts from Europe, The Americas, Africa, Asia and regional professionals. Between them they speak over 15 languages including English, Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Afrikaans, Tagalog, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Chinese and Portuguese. The average tenure with RP and the Middle East is 7 years and the average experience in recruitment is 10 years. The CEO Julian Frankum is a founder of the organization with over 15 years’ experience working in the region and features on radio and leading regional newspapers for his views and comment on regional recruitment trends across industries (

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